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Welcome to Rakiira Investments, a proud member of the Express Group – a global conglomerate. Express Group as the main brand, Rakiira Investments is based in Kenya, we serve as your gateway to unparalleled financial opportunities and worldwide connections. Specializing in consultation, verification, vetting, and diverse services, Rakiira Investments invites you to join our extensive global network. Explore boundless possibilities for success within the esteemed Express Group.

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We are on a mission

At Rakiira Investments, our mission is to empower organizations and individuals globally by facilitating access to strategic funding, fostering genuine connections, and providing expert guidance. We believe in creating a world where financial opportunities are accessible to all, enabling growth, innovation, and positive impact.

At Rakiira Investments, our mission is to globally empower organizations and individuals by providing financial clarity, fostering trust through meticulous verification, and actively sourcing funds through strategic vetting. We create dynamic connections through workshops, embrace innovation through expert guidance, and facilitate seamless international travel and educational pursuits. Our commitment extends beyond consultancy; we are architects of transformative opportunities, shaping a connected and prosperous future for all.

Featured Services

Explore a diverse range of services tailored to meet your needs, from consultation to air ticketing. Our global network and expertise in various domains make us your trusted partner on the journey to success.

Consultation for Financial Clarity

Rakiira Investments acts as a guiding beacon for both new and existing organizations, offering expert consultation to identify sources of funds and grants. Through one-on-one sessions, we provide clarity on navigating the complex landscape of financial opportunities, ensuring that organizations can make informed decisions for sustainable growth.

Thorough Verification for Trust and Transparency

Trust is the cornerstone of successful funding relationships. Our meticulous verification process ensures that organizations seeking funds are vetted for authenticity and credibility. By providing this essential service, we contribute to building a foundation of trust between organizations and funders, fostering transparent and fruitful partnerships.

Strategic Vetting for Funding Success

Rakiira Investments goes beyond identification and verification; we actively source funds and grants across the globe. Our vetting process ensures that organizations meet the set requirements for funding, enhancing their eligibility and positioning them for financial success. We take pride in being the catalyst for transformative opportunities.

More Services

Networking through Workshops and Conferences

Our commitment to global connectivity is realized through the organization of quarterly and annual workshops and conferences. These events bring together organizational leaders and potential funders, creating a platform for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of innovative ideas. By facilitating these interactions, we contribute to the creation of a vibrant and interconnected global community.

Guidance in Technology Adoption

In an era of rapid technological advancements, Rakiira Investments offers expert advice on the latest technologies, particularly in the fields of agriculture and manufacturing. Through our technology advisory services, we ensure that organizations stay ahead of the curve, embracing innovation for increased efficiency and competitiveness.

Seamless Travel Services and Educational Opportunities

Beyond funding and technology, we simplify international travel by providing air ticketing services for both business and leisure purposes. Additionally, we support students in their pursuit of education abroad by facilitating the process of obtaining student visas. By doing so, we contribute to the expansion of horizons and the pursuit of knowledge on a global scale.


At Rakiira Investments, our commitment to financial empowerment extends to investment services. We guide organizations and individuals in making informed investment decisions, leveraging our expertise to maximize returns and drive sustainable growth. Explore the world of strategic investments with Rakiira and secure a path to long-term financial success.


As advocates for organizational and individual prosperity, Rakiira Investments actively engages in advocacy efforts. We champion the interests of our clients, working to create an environment conducive to financial growth and opportunity. Our advocacy initiatives aim to influence policies and practices that foster a thriving and supportive economic landscape.

Risk Management

Navigating the complexities of the financial landscape requires a vigilant approach to risk management. Rakiira Investments excels in assessing, mitigating, and strategically managing risks. Our tailored risk management solutions empower organizations to make informed decisions, ensuring resilience and stability in the face of uncertainties.

Logistics Management

Efficient logistics are fundamental to the success of any venture. Rakiira Investments offers comprehensive logistics management services to streamline operations and optimize supply chain processes. From transportation to warehousing, we ensure seamless logistical solutions, contributing to enhanced efficiency and overall organizational effectiveness.

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Get Verification of an Organization

Learn how to initiate the verification process for your organization with Rakiira Investments. Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure a thorough and successful verification that enhances your credibility.

How to?

Apply for Vetting

Organizations seeking funding can follow a simple process to apply for vetting with Rakiira. We outline the necessary steps to streamline your application, increasing your chances of successful vetting.

How to?

Apply for Student Visas

For students aspiring to study abroad, our guide outlines the application process for student visas. Rakiira Investments simplifies the journey, making it easier for students to pursue their educational dreams.

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